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Officially, Albania is called the Republic of Albania. It is located in Southeastern Europe and is bordered by Kosovo, Montenegro, Greece and Macedonia. The country forms part of NATO, UN, and World Trade Organization and is among the founding Members for Union for the Mediterranean. Previously, the region of Albania formed a section of the Roman provinces of Macedonia, Moesia Superior and Dalmatia. Albania attained its independence in 1912. It was recognized a year afterward.

Lottery games and sports betting have been famous in Albania from the beginning of the 1990s. Similar to many Europeans, Albanians like betting on football matches. The Macedonian Lottery is another attraction. If you search for an Albanian official state lottery, it is probable that it will lead to the American Lottery. In spite of that, there are no cash prizes involved but green card for traveling to America. Albania is among the poorest European nations.

From February 2017, the national lottery Lotaria Kombetare administers the lotto in Albania. As 2016 drew to an end, the Austrian Lotteries through a subsidiary firm ran the lottery in Albania. In July 2012 the Albanisch Österreichische Lotterien Holding GmbH was set up, and they started their first product called Loto 6nga 39 or Loto 6 out of 39 in April 2013.

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